Welcome to the The Yellow Square, a unique forum, and a place where debates and discussions are held in a very relaxed setting with coffee and food available and served at the table. It is also a forward movement for action and influence to help shape the future for the next generation.

The Daily Pulse is the official publication of The Yellow Square.


Every week during summer we will be hosting a forum debating a variety of subjects that are both relevant and stimulating.

John Masters is the presenter, and along with panellists and professionals will seek to address some of the topics that can be both controversial and challenging to our society today. Audience participation is encouraged, and we hope to stream the programmes online.

John has spoken to tens of thousands of people around the country over the last thirty years and also in India on a wide variety of subjects. He recently engaged in deliberations over immigration, integration and culture differences.

Just before the European Referendum he hosted a forum in London examining ways to find harmonious integration of different races and cultures already living in this country.

With Bollywood star Jackie Shroff in the Taj Lands End, Mumbai, for hot chocolate and ginger tea!

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Author, teacher, conference speaker, business consultant and company ‘fixer’, are among some of the things that John has done and continues to do. In 2005 he formed the ‘Do Something Amazing Consultancy’ to help enterprising people to reach for the skies.


Mentored for five years by the late Col Sir Rowland Biddulph, he went on to write 30 books, the latest being ‘The Rise of the Guardians’, a book highlighting the current state of our nation, and the need for moral and governmental change to ensure the safe-keeping of our heritage, our culture, and our children’s future.

With Ajaye Ruia of All State Group India


He ventured into film and music, and became project head of ‘The Genesis Hub’ and ‘Gateway to India’, a forum for integrity and confidence for UK businesses seeking to enter the growing Asian marketplace, and vice-versa. He has developed an extensive and influential network covering manufacturing, commodities, governmental, property, water-harvesting, film (Bollywood), and more. He also worked with new innovations in industrial sectors which include construction, Bio-gas, anti-corrosion, marine, power generation, and agriculture.

He has worked (and still does) with Ajaye Ruia director of All State Group India, and Jackie Shroff of Bollywood fame, and has been involved at management level with a number of projects involving new technologies, national security training programmes, early-start irrigation, and revolutionary green-energy systems.

With High Court Advocate Vinay Rati, in the Taj, Mumbai

Of recent, he has been working on projects in Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, and India. Along with his colleague Mr. Prithipal Singh, they are developing an outstanding organic fertilizer and ground-breaking natural bio-processes to tackle the worldwide crisis with municipal waste. They are also currently involved in a huge building project in Chandigargh.

His daily broadcast to Myanmar citizens during its recent troubles attracted tens of thousands of viewers and his first outreach video saw over 3 million views inside the country on Facebook in less than three weeks. He has 77,000 followers there despite the Junta’s ongoing attempts to stifle any voice of support for the people.

He was guest of honour and keynote speaker at both the Indonesian High Commission and the Fijian Embassy banquet evenings.

In Raigad, India, he was guest of honour at a state visit by the First Minister for State, announcing the building of a new dam to supply fresh water to thousands of people in the interior.

He wrote his first best-seller book, ‘2 Pork Chops!’ in 1995 which kept the print factory closed at times due to the huge orders for print-runs of the book. This book has now been revised and the latest 6th edition is now available.


If you would like to be part of these debates, we would love to have you join us at our next forum. You can book a place by email or text, or take a chance and turn up on the evening or day.

He is also well known for his Christian faith and ministry as a pastor, Bible teacher, and evangelist. He founded Mission New Start and Worldwide Ministries and is director of Transformation Generation youth outreach India.

2 PORK CHOPS!: I cannot breathe without the air   click

He has authored over 30 books and also produced a number of ‘Easier-English’ sections (books) of the KJV Bible to help both new and older readers read with understanding.

Weekend conference London, and youth group in Mumbai

The Easier-English Book of Revelation; The Psalms; John’s Gospel; and First Letter of John  –  all now available

The simple and effectual Destiny ‘flip-book’ outreach tool.

Below is the presentation hardback gift copy of the Easier-English book of Psalms. Should be on every business person’s desk!

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