There is a government above the government. The Guardians are hidden from sight mostly, but exercise the real authority in the nation. Some of them have grown tired and careless whilst others do not yet know who they are or what office they hold.  However, there are one or two operating within their stations and doing what they are called to do. They have already been called upon in recent months and years to use their influence and position to change matters and bring to an end some of the confusion and disinformation that has been rampant throughout society issuing from the benches of Parliament and the mass of fake news and media manipulation.

Very few knew that they even  existed or held offices that had such power to turn things around. Their secrecy and invisibility is their protection as well as their strength. They will not receive medals or honours from the state, and neither do they wish for such. Their conviction and passion is to stand in the gap to defend the country from its own destruction. They are the wall of protection around the nation and the safeguard for the future of our children.


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